Out of the shell- The Little Bird hatches

The Little Bird Network is the first project of a new group for people interested in the gamut of issues that affect transparency and accountability in Australia. The blog is the first project for a network interested in FOI, privacy, anti-corruption and whistleblowers. The blog focuses on the needs of whistleblowers and is intended to be by and for whistleblowers and our supporters.

The initial projects to kick off the blog are:

A series of profiles on Australian female whistleblowers
What is it like to be a whistleblower AND a woman? How do stereotypes placed on women affect those who blow the whistle and how have they dealt with it? This series of profiles on Australian female whistleblowers aims to explore the experience of being a whistleblower from the female perspective.

Advice from the media on how to connect with them
What is the best way for a whistleblower to approach the media? How does the media prefer whistleblowers to approach them?  I aim to find out and provide a guide for which journalists welcome and support whistleblower contact as well as how best to approach the media.

Whistleblower Toolkit
What does the average person need to know about online security if they are thinking about blowing the whistle? What threats should they consider and what are the best technologies and practices to support their anonymity? With help, I am to develop a whistleblower toolkit to get potential whistleblowers and their supporters off to the right start.

Citizen Journalists & the Law
What do the new security laws mean for bloggers and citizen journalists? What is the definition of a journalist in this day and age and how can citizen journalists and bloggers manage our risk?

Each of these projects requires a fair bit of research, some good networking skills, time and technology. You can help support these articles by making a donation. You can check out my bio at my Open Data Mooc.

If you have expertise in law, policy, media, research, whistleblowing or technology etc you can donate an article. Suggested topics:

  • Privacy, FOI & the political parties;
  • Your whistleblower story;
  • Privacy & the Census;
  • Technology use for whistleblowers.
  • Comparison between US/Aus whistleblower protections.

*Contributing authors choose the copyright licence to add to their posts.

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