Statement from Australian Bankers Association on #CashlessWelfare

Many people in my network contributed here to questions that helped shape my understanding of the important questions to be answered in investigating the government’s cashless welfare card policy. Today, the Australian Banking Association provided me with their statement in response to a quick email I sent to them enquiring as to their position:

Indue is not a bank, it’s listed here as a company that provides industry services –

Please see below information on the ABA’s position, which can be attributed to a spokeswoman from the ABA:

“Banks support workable and effective strategies to address the social, financial and economic challenges facing Indigenous Australians. Banks raised concerns with the original concept of the cashless welfare card proposed by the Forrest Review, which would have mandated a new product across the industry requiring significant technology changes for all banks and other financial institutions. It would have also involved changes to systems used by store owners.

“The Australian Bankers’ Association is pleased the Federal Government took on board our concerns regarding technical and practical feasibility, and decided to conduct a 12 month pilot. This pilot involved directing 80 per cent of a person’s social security payments to a debit card which is restricted, with the remaining amount to be deposited into their normal bank account.

“We await more details from the government on its future policy direction.”

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(Media – Australian Bankers Association)

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