Correspondence from Gov: Inquiry into the Future of Public Interest Journalism

I received this to my inbox on Friday 26 May but it is dated 19 May. In the interests of public information I thought I’d share it here. If you would like to participate in the survey adding to a crowdsourced submission to the Inquiry into the Future of Public Interest Journalism please follow this link. You can see current results for closed ended questions only here or read more about the structure of the survey here.

Dear Ms Williams,

On 10 May 2017, the Senate established a Select Committee to examine the future of public interest journalism for inquiry and report by 7 December 2017. The full Terms of Reference for the inquiry are attached.

The committee invites you to provide a written submission by 15 June 2017, covering terms of reference relevant to you. The committee prefers that this is done online. There is an Upload Submission Online button on the committee website, which can be accessed at this address: . Alternatively, submissions may be emailed as an attached document to or mailed in hard copy to the address below. Please note that, while the committee prefers to receive written submissions by the due date, it will consider accepting late submissions.

Please note submissions become committee documents and are made public only after a decision by the committee. Publication of submissions includes loading them onto the internet and making them available to other interested parties including the media. Please indicate if you wish the committee to consider keeping your submission, or part thereof, confidential.

Any person or organisation making a submission must not release it without the approval of the committee. Submissions are covered by parliamentary privilege, however the unauthorised release of a submission is not protected.

Information relating to Senate committee inquiries, including notes to assist the preparation of submissions, can be found at

The committee will consider all submissions, and may invite individuals and organisations to give evidence at a public hearing. If you have any further questions about the hearing or the inquiry more generally, please contact me on (02) 6277 3439.

Yours sincerely

Tim Watling


PO Box 6100, Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Tel: (02) 6277 3439 Fax: (02) 6277 5809

Email: Internet:

Terms of Reference

(a) the current state of public interest journalism in Australia and around the world, including the role of government in ensuring a viable, independent and diverse service;
(b) the adequacy of current competition and consumer laws to deal with the market power and practices of search engines, social media aggregators and content aggregators, and their impact on the Australian media landscape;
(c) the impact on public interest journalism of search engines and social media internet service providers circulating fake news, and an examination of counter measures directed at online advertisers, ‘click-bait’ generators and other parties who benefit from disinformation;
(d) the future of public and community broadcasters in delivering public interest journalism, particularly in underserviced markets like regional Australia, and culturally and linguistically diverse communities;
(e) examination of ‘fake news’, propaganda, and public disinformation, including sources and motivation of fake news in Australia, overseas, and the international response; and
(f) any related matters.

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