Low Security

  • Contact me on Twitter @info_aus.
  • If you send email to my email account (see below) from a non-ProtonMail account it will not be encrypted (unless you are using PGP).
  • To get an email notification when a new article is posted to the blog click on the envelope under ‘Subscribe’ on the right hand menu & choose email. (These emails are unencrypted).

Medium Security

  • To contact me using encrypted email you can sign up for a free account and email Rosie atย The acronym in the address stands for Accountability, Transparency & Civil Rights in Australia.
  • Check out the video to find out how ProtonMail differs from regular email services.

ย High Security

  • If you want to contact me in the most secure manner use Ricochet @ ricochet:rqdv2gktdigl3rby.
  • Check out Privacy for Journalists if you want to understand more about how your internet or communications is open to interception or tracking.













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