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Correspondence: IPA on their membership of the Atlas Network

Article (268 words) posted on 10 Jul 2018 by Rosie Williams

Some weeks ago, a helpful person on Twitter (whose handle escapes me) pointed out that the IPA is a member of the Atlas Network. See notes from my database -links are under the info icon.

On June 21, I sent an email to Mr Mulholland, the media contact at the IPA requesting to know in which year they joined the Atlas Network:

Hello Mr Mulholland, I would like to know in which year did the IPA become a partner or member of the Atlas Network? thank you Rosie Williams

As with my last email to the IPA (asking for the list of donors they promised to publish back in 2008), I have received no reply.

As is my practice, when no response is received I post my correspondence publicly so my efforts to find out useful information are publicly documented. Sometimes it comes to light that my email went astray and a response is forthcoming, as it did with the ACNC. Sometimes people just insult my intelligence.

On a brighter note, I did get a useful response to my query to the Charles Koch Institute about which organisations they recruit for. Turns out The Atlas Network is on that list.

Onward and upward :-)