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Ways to support my work

Article (1,121 words) posted on 23 Jul 2018 by Rosie Williams

The vast majority of the audience for my blog and open data sites come from Twitter and I am often asked how people can contribute to support my work. Speaking of my wonderful Twitter network, I need a big shout out to Noely. I'm not sure where I'd be without this fine woman.

I'll expand on my various projects in my next blog post as there's quite a lot to talk about! If you want to see some testimonials, check out the blog homepage.

Bank transfer

The simplest way to support my work (at least in terms of explaining it) is by bank transfer to my account. Details are as follows:

Account name: Rose Williams

Bank: St George

Branch number(BSB): 112-908

Account number: 485 746 256

Needless to say, you can transfer any amount of your choosing and it is handled by our banks.

Stripe buttons

The most convenient way to support my work, I think would be through the buttons that now pop up at the foot of every page on AusGov.info. These buttons are for one-off contributions of set amounts although there is no limit to how many times you can use them. All you need to provide is a valid email and credit card details. The Stripe payment system handles the payment which protects your financial information as no financial data is stored on my site. To hide this banner just mouse over the eye image.

When you click on one of the buttons it opens another page and you have to click on 'Pay with card'. This triggers the pop-up form from Stripe:

As you can see, a minimum of information is used by Stripe to process your payment. You should receive a receipt to the email entered into the form. Stripe is in AUD. Stripe payments are bundled and sent regularly through to my account. The benefit of using Stripe is that you don't have to sign up to anything.

If you want to use Stripe for your own projects you will need a programmer to implement it for you and an SSL certificate.

Patreon platform

The third method I have for receiving payments is Patreon which requires users to sign up to the platform to support one or more 'creators'.

I set up Patreon at the request of a regular donor some time ago who wanted to donate regularly without needing to be reminded of it.

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform for producers of media or other content or products and amounts are in USD. Patreon payments are sent once a month and I now have 20 regular donors totalling USD$281.

You can find other Australian journalists on Patreon now as the platform is more widely used. There are journalists on Patreon earning thousands of dollars a month- perhaps I could learn a thing or two!

Patreon allows for rewards and mail outs as features however I have never really used rewards (ie made content only available to certain subscribers through Patreon). Paula Mathewson and Claire Connelly both use rewards as part of their business strategy.

I tend not to communicate much through Patreon as all of my donors I suspect came through my Twitter account so people are following my news there or through my blog here which you can subscribe to receive via email.

To everyone who has made a contribution (large or small) to my work over the past year or so I'd like to give you a massive thank you. The work that I do is very important and I've been honing my skills now for a number of years. Whether it's educating people about privacy issues like Metadata & Me or the thread below informing the public of imminent changes to privacy legislation that went viral:

or providing transparency and accountability through AusGov.info, know that I'm working hard and without your support I will not be able to continue.