"Terrorism is tipping the balance from privacy and toward ongoing mass surveillance."

Action Skills

Action skills provides resources and workshops for activism including privacy and campaigning for activists.

CryptoAustralia Meetup

Founded by author of original version of SnitchHunt, CryptoAustralia runs workshops in computer security for every day users.

Sydney Citizen Journalism Meetup

I founded Australia's first regular meetup for citizen journalists in early 2017. The meetup teaches skills relavent to citizen journalism from funding for public interest journalism to techniques for transparency such as open data.

Rosie is an accomplished citizen journalist & researcher having been published in multiple citizen journo publications over the past 15 years, having created multiple open data projects to improve political and financial transparency and having played a lead role in major campaigns such as #CensusFail including 'The CensusFail Submission' which was referenced in the Inquiry Report (twice).

Read Rosie's testimonials.

If you are an event organiser, contact Rosie at ATCRA@protonmail.com to hire me to run this workshop for your people.

If you would like to see this workshop run in your community please suggest it to your local library, community centre or meetup.

Rosie Williams has a degree in Sociology (inequality, public policy) and programming skills in PHP, MySQL, CSS & HTML.

Rosie also has expertise in open data and financial transparency.

My version of SnitchHunt is currently open sourced at GitHub.

Images are from pixabay.com. Icons from flaticon.

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